Fridge Festival Vienna website


The client needed a new design for the festival this year, which they sent me by PSD. From that I created a fully responsive theme with various custom functionalities and templates, all of which have easily editable content from the backend.

Pink Orbit Website


The client needed to edit content, so their HTML website had to be put on a CMS and it being me, WordPress was chosen. I built some custom templates and added some other custom functionalities and in the end also made the website responsive for all kinds of different devices.

Lori Lennon Portfolio


Pioneer Golf Website


The client sent the PSD templates. I created 9+ layouts for the WordPress template.

Glow Make-up Website

Glow Make-up koduleht

The client sent the designs(PSD). I created 9+ layouts for the template.

Optionova Website


The client sent me the design PSD-s and I made an existing premium template look accordingly while still keeping the functionalities of the premium template.

Cavano Website


I created various custom functionalities and design solutions when creating this website. Had to redo the whole portfolio concept to display all the products they have in stock while keeping it easy to manage all the content in the backend. (Website down)

Poached Mag Blog / Website


The client sent the HTMLs. I created the WP theme. Various custom layouts.

Mind Media Website


A friend created the design and I created the WP theme.

a Prime Taste Website

a_prime_taste_koduleht (Taken down)

Erknord Website


The client sent me two HTMLs and other designs as PSDs. I created the template from those.

TruDev Website


The client sent the PSD designs and I created the template in three days.