Freelance wordpress developer

Who am I?

Former digital media company project manager who got sick of the office life and decided that he could be more than a PM. By now I have been a freelancer for 9+ years and I’m loving every minute of it.

What do I do?

I make simple websites. Nothing too special. Ordinary websites. Personal websites, for companies and the occasional agency. For dogs, cats, hotels, magazines, pens, kites, make up, alcohol, small and big balls.


For the CMS I have chosen to use WordPress. Simple websites need to have a simple way to control all the content. WordPress has millions of users all over the world and thousands of developers. Any problem one might have, the community has a way of finding a solution. Mainly because it’s open source and the people like to use it.


The main advantage: The client can change anything and everything on the page once I’m done with it. For free. You don’t need to contact me to change any content. Need to change a banner? No need to pay your agency’s high hourly prices. WordPress has all the required plugins that are easy to use for anyone. Galleries, contact forms, ad managers or translation plugins. All required plugins I will add for free for your use.


In the summer I try to stay in Estonia, but in the Estonian winter months(all 9 of them) I am living in Krakow, Poland. When you’d like to meet up, it would have to be here.

What’s next?